The images are painted on computer graphic programs and are performed with large-size InkJet print on the high-quality cotton canvas that is elastic. This allows quality lining up of canvas on the lower blind frame. Applied colour – ink is absorbed into depth of material so that it does not desquamate in any way and abrade minimally. The pleasant matt lamination protects the image surface against abrasion and discolouration.

Image ram-do-clanku.jpg


Transport of images provides an transfer company.



The piece of art is wrapped in a solid pack, that is resistant against mecanical damage and weather conditions. The canvas stretched in a frame is in the firm cardboard box.



Provided the image is prepared, it will be sent immediately (at working days) after regular order confirmation. If the image is not ready, take into account of the delivery term not longer than a week.



Take care of images standardly. They are intended for interiors. Do not expose them climatic influences, direct sunshine, humidity and excessive heat. If the image is dust-covered, attend it lightly with a dry clout or a brush. The applied canvas is elastic but relaxation, bulging or folding of the image stretched in the frame can happen if climate condition changed. Move the image into the room with standard climate condition and the image will be stretched by itself into the original shape. That is all valid if the blind stretching frame construction is not damaged.



I give two-year guarantee for the images. It is applied on the material defects and quality implementation. It is not applied on the defects caused by customer misusage or on humidity, direct sunshine and excessive heat influence.



The maximum number of images is set to ten pieces from the original design and size for preservation of originality. Limited amount is guaranteed by numbering. Each single image is provided with the author's autograph and the certification number that is situated on the canvas back side and is the integral part of the image. The same certification number is on the originality certification card that you receive with the certificate of warranty. The images are protected by registered trade mark of Czech Industry Patent Office – ®. You will be sure there are only several copies from the original along with protection from falsification.



I offer you for choice two image formats sized typ A – 90×45 cm (35,4×17,7 inch ) typ B – 110×55 cm (43,3×21,7 inch ). These options make your decision where to place the piece of art in your interior easier. By your special request I can prepare a format according to your wish.



Prices are negotiated. Extra discount can be negotiated for quantity, for buying more images from series Would you like to know more? Send me an email!