Nature is unrepeatably and incomparably beautiful, I will try to present it to you from a little different point of view…

Welcome to the digital art gallery. My abstract pieces of art are inspired by motives of nature. They include sci-fi and hi-tech elements. They are visions on the boundary of dreams and very distant future. These fictions are creatively expressed in images of quaint shapes and remarkable colours. They are interpreted in dynamic compositions. With a bit of imagination the observer is transfered in the fantasy dreams, special sensations and interesting thoughts.

Ondřej Vaněk


My name is Ondřej Vaněk. I had a lot of specializations and professions before I got to painting. Since my young ages I have been interested in design that is why I started studying Secondary Grafic School named after Václav Hollar, I took lessons of design from Václav Kasík, academic architect and of draw from Jiří Veškrna, academic painter. Several years after graduating I took a job as a teacher of computer grafic in this school. At the beginning of the nineties this subject was starting developing. At his time I was asked by Czech Television to help use computer grafic and animation for transmission. Within a several years number of high standard workplaces was established. Nowadays computer grafic influences on Czech Television image very much. Mostly I created my images for pleasure and good feeling from successful realization, not for public presentation. I gave most of them as a present to my friends. After several successful exhibitions that were my friend who persuade me to present my images to the general public.

I believe that among the number of offered images you will certainly find one that adresses you and that finds a way into your place, firm or office. Such an image can be beautiful and expressive present for any person you love. I wish you a good choice.


Displayed images are author crafts. Ondřej Vaněk – Vdesign Images files are protected by trademark Industrial property office of Czech Republic from copying, number of registration: 298 739. Any reproduction and other use of these image and text materials is permitted only with the author’s agreement.



This web gallery was redesigned on the occasion of a upcoming trade fair MACEF 2009 4–7.9 Hall1 Stand T12-S19 in Milano , Italy where I will exhibit my pieces of art. Here you can find a complete collection of forty paintings that will be gradually enhanced with others. You can look through the paintings in two views. At the beginning in 3D Wall as virtual overview or in classical 2D gallery. After choosing the painting and its format you can verify how the painting will be looking in the interior. Another new feature is enhancement of offered sizes up to 3 meters for multi-segment paintings. On next pages there are photos from my exhibitions. Graphics and design previews are very interesting as well. Last but not least new feature is that the paintings are delivered on better canvas with more high-quality look then so far. I wish you nice and pleasant experience.

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